Choosing the Right Electric Car

Posted Monday, Jun 28, 2021

So you have decided to get an electric car, great! But out of the many available models that have been released in recent years, how do you find the right car for you? Here at Platt Auto we go through the most important things to consider with all of our customers when helping them choose an electric car. The top things to consider when choosing which electric car is right for you are range, features, and size. 



Range is probably the most important factor to consider when choosing your electric car. This is why the first question I ask anyone who is looking to get an electric car is “How far do you plan on driving on a daily basis?”. If you intend on driving your electric car 120 miles a day, then a car with 80 miles of range would be difficult to live with. Not impossible, but you will have to become aware of your charging options in your area. In addition you will have the added inconvenience of needing to charge outside of your home. 


So it is best to find an electric car that has more range than your daily commute. If you commute 100 miles a day and you have an electric car with 100 miles of range, you will experience range anxiety everyday and it won’t take long for you to hate your electric car. Getting a car with a good buffer of range allows you to commute stress free and have extra range to complete other trips during the day other than just your commute.   


Then you should consider if you like to drive on longer trips. If you frequently go camping or off to coast then you may want your electric car to be capable of those longer drives. Some people choose to have their electric car be just their city car and keep a gas car for longer drives. But if you want your electric car to do both then you will have to consider a higher range electric car that is capable of 200+ mile highway driving.



Some electric cars have an expansive amount of features ranging from Apple Carplay/Android Auto to self driving features and some electric cars are simpler with just the necessities. The benefits of an electric car with limited features is a lower price point. So when you are deciding on your electric car consider what features are important to you and identify which trim levels of certain models are equipped with the features that matter to you. 



The size of your electric is one of the more simple things to think about when making your decision. If you are looking for a family car to hold your child seats in the back then the 2 door Fiat 500E may not work well. But if you are looking to just commute with no more than a couple people in the car at any given time then the Fiat is more than enough.


The Platt Auto Process

Here at Platt Auto these are just some of the things we go over with our customers to help them decide on which electric car will work best for them. We offer a no pressure buying experience that is focused on educating the buyer on everything there is to know about buying and owning an electric car. If you want to know more about electric cars and want to get one yourself give us a call or visit our dealership where we are more than happy to teach you everything there is to know about your future with an electric car.

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