Platt Auto’s 90-Day Warranty and Platt Auto’s 7-Day Return Policy

Here at Platt Auto Group, we try to take all the risk out of buying electric vehicles.  That is why we offer a no questions asked 7-day return policy.  The policy consists of returning the vehicle in like condition as when it left our lot.  We recommend you put the EV through its paces in […]


Choosing the Right Electric Car

So you have decided to get an electric car, great! But out of the many available models that have been released in recent years, how do you find the right car for you? Here at Platt Auto we go through the most important things to consider with all of our customers when helping them choose […]


Guess-O-Meter?  Can it really tell you the state of health of your battery?  Yes and no.

The reason the guess o meter may be able to tell you the state of health of your battery is because if you can duplicate the EPA test and the guessometer is close to the EPA stated range your batteries state of health is in the general ballpark of a new vehicle and battery.  EPA […]


Charging an Electric Car

Electric cars have many differences to gas cars, the most noticeable difference for the owners is charging instead of stopping by a gas station. It is important to understand the differences in different charging levels and the different types of plugs out there so that you can best utilize your electric car to work as […]


EV efficiency, you can feel it!

I remember back in January 2009 when I purchased my first lithium-ion electric vehicle.  It was a converted Toyota Yaris with a 33 kwh battery pack.  At that time, it was the longest-range electric vehicle in the OEVA (Oregon Electric Vehicle Association).  As a driver one could feel the difference, how much less the mass […]


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