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We love Canadian Customers!
We try to make the process of purchasing a vehicle and importing it into Canada as simple as possible.  We’ve added some helpful links to the left, a lot of this information was obtained from the Canadian and US government websites.  The Process is actually very simple but can seem overwhelming the first time you do it.  We ship cars to the Canadian border almost every week, and we’ve have great success.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  Greg Platt is our export specialist and can be reached via email at [email protected].

Selecting your new Electric Car

  1. With our ONE PRICE policy we make it easy to find the car that best fits your needs.  No need to haggle or negotiate the price, we give everyone our best price up front, all of the vehicles are listed and marked with pricing.
  2. We can provide any additional photos, videos or condition information you may need.

Additional Fees

  1. Our standard shipping fee is fixed at $250 USD.  This is for transport to either Blaine WA or to Port Angeles the two most common ports.  We can ship to any border crossing, call for other rates.
  2. There is a $32 21-day permit, the 21-day trip permit goes in your rear view window and acts as a temporary license while the car is being moved in the United States.
  3. There is an additional $100 processing/document fee added to every vehicle.
  4. You do not pay Washington State sales tax and there is no Oregon tax needed if you are purchasing the vehicle as an out of country buyer – we’ll make sure you have all the right details, since you still pay your local taxes and fees.

Other Requirements

  •  We’ll need a Passport, Driver’s License or any official picture ID.
  •  We need to get some personal information, like name, address, just the essentials so that I can send the proper documentation to the border

Final Steps

  • After everything is decided we will send you a copy of all the documents via email so that you can confirm all the information.  These documents will also work for the required items that need to be sent ahead to the border, remember they must be received 72 hours prior to crossing the border.
  • Payment via wire transfer will need to be made.  We can only accept payment from out of the United States via wire transfer direct to our bank.  We will provide the wire transfer instructions with all the information need to complete the payment.
  • After the payment has posted on our side we will send you confirmation of the payment received.
  • We will send via FedEx all of the original documents that you will need from us for the border crossing and for registration in Canada.
  • We will arrange for transport of your new EV!! to the border holding yard.  We highly recommend using one of the holding yards at the border crossing instead of trying to meet the transport truck, transporters are very difficult to coordinate timing with.  The holding yards charge a small fee that the customer is responsible for but they make it a lot easier.  These our the recommended holding yards we use:
    • Blaine, WA border crossing
    • Pantec Storage
    • 943 Boblett St.BlaineWA 98230
    • 360-332-6111
    • Port Angeles border crossing
    • ToadLily House
    • 105 E 5th St, Port Angeles, WA 98362
      Phone: (360) 797-3797
  • After the car has arrived and the 72 hour window has passed for the paperwork you can pickup your car and enter Canada through the border.
  • Even though you are in Canada now you still need to take care of the standard vehicle inspections and pay for the tax and licensing plus any other taxes or fees that may apply.  You may also need to complete any modifications that are required on vehicles not properly equipped for road use in Canada.  For example daytime running lights on Nissan Leafs.

Pretty easy and you just saved a bunch of money on your new EV, welcome to the Platt Auto Family…



Additional Port Angeles border crossing information
  Using the Port Angeles crossing for importing the car into Victoria can save a lot of time and hassle.  Here is the procedure for Port Angeles

   Hours of Operation

Documentation Requirements

  • 72 hours in advance, fax Title (back and front) plus additional entry documents to US border office at 1-360-457-7514.*
  • Follow up with phone call to 1-360-457-1221 to confirm safe and orderly receipt.
  • Confirm name of officer and provide travel details if known.

* Vehicle Export Worksheet may not required for this border, call to verify

At Port Angeles Coho Terminal

  • Present yourself at the US border office (a trailer located around the chain-link fence on your right when you disembark from the Coho ferry).
  • Submit original Title to officers.
  • Board the Coho back to Victoria with your new vehicle.

At Victoria Terminal

  • Present yourself to the CBSA officers and pay Duty (if applicable), GST, and RIV fee.

Officers at both terminals are very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous.

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