Guess-O-Meter?  Can it really tell you the state of health of your battery?  Yes and no.

Posted Monday, Jun 21, 2021

The reason the guess o meter may be able to tell you the state of health of your battery is because if you can duplicate the EPA test and the guessometer is close to the EPA stated range your batteries state of health is in the general ballpark of a new vehicle and battery.  EPA for the most part does their test on a balmy spring day where neither the heater nor AC is engaged.  They also conduct the EPA test by driving two thirds city and one third highway and I am pretty sure the highway speed is at 55 mph.

So, these test parameters must all be met in order that the test be accurate.  Too cold or too hot of a day will skew the test results as well as too much highway driving versus too much city driving.  Anyone who has driven an EV for a while knows that EV’s go further in the city than they will on the highway, as well as going further with the climate control off versus using you A/C or Heater.  We can make a Fiat 500e’s guessometer read 120 miles or we can make it read 60 miles, all because of how the car was driven and what conditions the car was driven in.  I would say yes, you can duplicate the EPA test and see if your battery is degraded but you must be careful with the parameters when doing the EPA test.


-Raymond Blackburn, Platt Auto Sales Manager

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