Platt Auto’s 90-Day Warranty and Platt Auto’s 7-Day Return Policy

Posted Monday, Jul 05, 2021

Here at Platt Auto Group, we try to take all the risk out of buying electric vehicles.  That is why we offer a no questions asked 7-day return policy.  The policy consists of returning the vehicle in like condition as when it left our lot.  We recommend you put the EV through its paces in the first week to make sure the car meets your transportation needs.   Our goal is to make sure you purchased the right EV and that it will work well for you.  This is not a 7-day test drive, all the paperwork to purchase the EV must be done before it leaves our lot.  Our goal is to be easy to work with and take some of the stress out of purchasing an EV.


On most of our vehicles we also offer a 90-day satisfaction warranty.  All our cars are inspected to make sure everything works but if something broke or quit working you can bring it back and if it takes longer than 10 mins to repair, we get you a loaner vehicle to drive while we are repairing it.  So, you are not on your own when you drive away with your newly purchased EV, we will help with any problems you have.  We are always here to answer question and if we do not know the answer we will try and find out.  It is easy to stand behind our EV’s because EV’s are very dependable.


Raymond Blackburn


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